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Nation Warranty is a great place to leverage your academic and professional experience and begin your career with a World Class Company.

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Accounting & Finance

The Accounting and Finance departments help ensure the financial strength and stability of the Nation Warranty Corporation. If you choose to join these dynamic departments, you will be assisting in safeguarding our assets, providing timely and accurate external reporting, optimizing cash flow, presenting financial analysis of trends and key issues and enhancing shareholder relationships. With our use of advanced technology, employee skills and experience, we help develop financial solutions to assist in the success of Nation Warranty. 


Nation Warranty Corporation has a mission to become the best claim organization in the industy. Nation Warranty's Claims department is made up of empathetic, resourceful individuals dedicated to responding to customer claims. In claims, our responsibility is to investigate and make informed decisions to resolve claims as fairly, quickly and compassionately as possible.

Human Resources

The objective for Human Resources at Nation Warranty is to build on organization whose culture will attract and retain talented, engaged and committed employees dedicated to deliver Nation Warranty's business goals. Human Resources professionals are an integral part of Nation Warranty's business team, providing leadership and direction in employment areas such as Benefits, Compensation, Labor Relations, Diversity, Management Development, and Staffing.

Information Technology

Information Technology (IT) is a critical area, and our commitment to IT has never been stronger. In IT, we design the technology solutions that help make Nation Warranty a success. Our IT team uses creativity, technology and expertise to meet the needs of a company in an intensely competitive market. As part of our IT team, your responsibilities will allow you to define, implement and maintain technology solutions as components of Nation Warranty business strategies.


Marketing is what we do best at Nation Warranty Corporation and developing strong marketing leaders is what we pride ourselves on. Our emphasis and approch to employee development sets us apart from other organizations. Our marketing organization is responsible for the development of new product ideas, running the P&L, developing advertising concepts and coordinating all elements of the business systems that support their category as well as developing strategies for growing volume, share and earnings.


Nation Warranty Corporation has been building relationships since 1988 and is an up-and-coming leader in the Vehicle Insurance industry. To progress our leadership and capture new growth opportunities, we rely on some of the best sales teams in the business. They are responsible for building Nation Warranty's presence at the retail level.

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