Vehicle Service Contracts

Coverages Overview

Nation Warranty offers four plans designed to minimize your exposure to the high costs of auto repair. For each plan, you pick the deductible and coverage term. And while we always encourage you to return to your dealer for repairs, these plans offer you the luxury of being able to repair your vehicle at any ASE certified mechanic.



The Platinum Protection Plan is our most comprehensive protection option. It is so comprehensive it is too time consuming to show what it covers, it simply covers everything that is not listed in the exclusion section on your contract.
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The Platinum Wrap Protection Plan is an absolute no-brainer for owners of any vehicle with an extended powertrain warranty. If your vehicle has a powertrain warranty beyond the full manufacturer’s warranty, you can “wrap” the coverage and make your warranty become as comprehensive as our Platinum Wrap Protection Plan, at a reduced cost.
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The Gold Protection Plan is the highest level of "stated component" coverage we have available. From your engine to your power windows, The Gold Protection Plan coverage pays to repair or replace failed items that are "stated" in the "What is Covered" section of our contract.
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The Silver Protection Plan offers protection for all parts of the engine, transmission/transfer case, rear and front drive axle and seals and gaskets listed in the agreement.
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