Our Story

On behalf of our company, we would like to express our sincere appreciation for allowing us the opportunity to introduce our programs and services to you. We strive to set ourselves apart from the competition by offering quality products that are priced fairly and provide value for the customer.

In addition, we apply extra detail throughout our entire organization and make customer service and satisfaction our number one priority. We trust you will find our programs and services inviting and look forward to welcoming you to our group of esteemed customers and marketing partners.

We have been licensed as a Motor Vehicle Service Agreement Company by the Florida Office of Insurance Regulations since 1988. Our company has established a proven record of accomplishments by successfully developing notable products and services for customers located throughout the United States, while maintaining an A+ rating with the BBB.

NWC is a licensed full-service administrator and provider specializing in producing insured comprehensive solutions from one source.

What We Provide

  •   Full Service Administrator/Provider
  •   Licensed Since 1988
  •   Availability in 50 States
  •   A-rated Insurer
  •   Knowledgeable & Professional Staff
  •   Extensive Training and Ongoing Support

Meet the President

Dyana Hagmaier

As one of the original pioneers in the service contract industry, Dyana has been navigating the intricacies of service contract regulation since 1978. An expert in the capabilities and complexities of all warranty-related products, Dyana has extensive experience developing new programs and establishing strategic partnerships with automotive professionals who share similar organizational culture.

In 1996, Dyana was promoted to Vice President and General Manager of Nation Warranty Corporation and simultaneously served on an executive committee for a prestigious automotive group that managed the daily operations of seven franchise dealerships. This experience provided Dyana with a unique ability to understand the type of protection needed and how to provide levels of protection based on the customer’s budget.

After acquiring the company in 2004, Dyana continued to formulate and implement product protection programs that would persevere in providing value and security for customers whether they purchased programs through franchise and independent dealerships or while utilizing e-business technology. Dyana’s tenure in the industry has developed into a solid background for all core business functions – finance, marketing, management and operations. Her savoir-faire has guided the company in achieving favorable results.


“When my car was totaled in an accident, I had no idea my insurance company was not going to pay off everything I owed to the bank. If the dealer did not offer me the NWC GAP Program when I bought my car, I do not know how I could have paid off the remaining balance all by myself. Thank you NWC!”

— Luann B. | Asheville, NC

“When my car broke down, it was such a relief to have such a knowledgeable NWC representative assisting me every step of the way.”

— Juan P. | Miami, FL

“My brother-in-law thought I was a fool for spending money on an extended warranty since he always thought they were a waste of money. Six months after I purchased my car, the engine failed. Luckily, NWC knew exactly what to do and my engine was repaired with minimal inconvenience thanks to my rental car benefits. I could not believe how much the repair cost and all I paid was my deductible. I thank my lucky stars that I had the foresight to protect my investment!”

— Edward E. | Seattle, WA

“When I was out of town and my wife was stranded on the side of the road with the kids, I was so relieved to have NWC standing by to help her get back on the road again.”

— Jim M. | Philadelphia, PA