Windshield Protection

A globally recognized leader in 35 countries that manufacturer

protective windshield coatings

Windshield 1c


  • Make glass resistant to small road debris, preventing chips and cracks (10 times more impact resistance)
  • Improves clarity and visibility
  • Extends driver reaction time by one second providing almost 100 extra feet to avoid danger
  • Reduces nighttime glare by up to 35%
  • Repels water, ice and snow
  • Easily removes insects and bird droppings



Should your properly treated windshield become damage by propelled rocks or other propelled road debris while driving, causing cracks and chips, coverage is available to repair the damaged portion of your windshield.  If the damage cannot be repaired, the windshield will be replaced.

Comprehensive risk protection built right into your monthly payments!

This information is intended to provide a general outline of coverage benefits.
Please refer to the contract for more detailed information.
Not all coverage programs are available in all states.