GAPR Equity Retention – New Release

Optional Coverages Available:

  • Rental car expenses incurred prior to purchasing your replacement vehicle!
  • 24/7 Roadside Assistance


When your vehicle is totaled, either by accident or theft, a GAP Waiver Program may help you pay the difference between your insurance settlement and your loan balance, but what about the equity investments you have made? Most likely, your insurance company is not going to make you whole by compensating you for all of the payments you have made towards the principal loan balance up until the time of the loss. And, what about your down payment? Unless you have some form of protection in place, it may be gone forever.

Consider PERNETIFY™ PAYMENT EQUITY RETENTION as THAT EXTRA SECURITY NET that specifically protects your equity investment. Traditional GAP Waiver Programs are also available to help you minimize your losses in the event of a total loss.

Choose Your Level of Protection

  • Protect your down payment
  • Protect the equity you built by making your monthly payments up until the time of the total loss

Or, Choose Both!

Benefit is provided in the form of a credit upon returning to a participating dealership to purchase your replacement vehicle.

Comprehensive risk protection built right into your monthly payments!

This information is intended to provide a general outline of coverage benefits.
Please refer to the contract for more detailed information.
Not all coverage programs are available in all states.