Vehicle Service Contracts (Extended Warranties)

Today’s vehicles are more complex than ever, filled with computerized equipment, electrical wiring and expensive technology.

If you are not prepared, car repairs can be a catastrophic hit to your budget. By purchasing protection at the same time you purchase your car, you have an opportunity to roll the cost of the coverage into your monthly payments.

See chart and details below.

Choose from many levels of mechanical breakdown coverage designed to fit your needs:

Mechanical Breakdown Coverage

Exclusionary – similar to your manufacturers’ original factory warranty. As long as a failure does not appear under the small list of exclusions – you’re covered!

Additional Mechanical Protection Programs Available:

  • Coverage that wraps around the manufacturer’s extended powertrain warranty
  • 12/12 Limited Powertrain
  • Lifetime Powertrain
  • High Mileage

Comprehensive risk protection built right into your monthly payments!

This information is intended to provide a general outline of coverage benefits.
Please refer to the contract for more detailed information.
Not all coverage programs are available in all states.